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"Mind over matter" is a phrase that has been used in several contexts, such as mind-centric spiritual doctrines, parapsychology, and philosophy.. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines mind as "the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons" and mind over matter as able to; "a situation in which someone is able to ....


Hive mind - Wikipedia.

A hive mind or group mind may refer to: . Shared intelligence. Collective consciousness or collective intelligence, concepts in sociology and philosophy . Group mind (science fiction), a type of collective consciousness Groupthink, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in a group results in irrational or dysfunctional decision-making . Sheeple, a derogatory term referring to ....


Children of the Mind - Wikipedia.

Children of the Mind (1996) is a novel by American author Orson Scott Card, the fourth in his successful Ender's Game series of science fiction novels that focus on the character Ender Wiggin. This book was originally the second half of Xenocide, before it was split into two novels. Plot summary. Ender's Game ....


Extended mind thesis - Wikipedia.

"The Extended Mind" The Extended Mind" by Andy Clark and David Chalmers (1998) is the paper that originally stated the EMT. Clark and Chalmers present the idea of active externalism (not to be confused with semantic externalism), in which objects within the environment function as a part of the mind.They argue that the separation between the mind, the body, and the ....


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"You Were On My Mind" Single by We Five; from the album You Were on My Mind; B-side "Small World" Released: 1965 () Recorded: 1965: Genre: Pop rock: Length: 2: 39: Label: A&M: Songwriter(s) Sylvia Fricker: Producer(s) Frank Werber: We Five singles chronology "You Were On My Mind" (1965) "Let's Get Together".


Green Mind - Wikipedia.

Green Mind is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr., released in 1991. It was the band's first release after bassist Lou Barlow's departure, as well as the first released by a major label. The record is close to being a J Mascis solo album: he played most of the instruments, with founding drummer Murph only featuring on three tracks (1, 7 and 9)..


Open Mind Common Sense - Wikipedia.

Open Mind Common Sense (OMCS) is an artificial intelligence project based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab whose goal is to build and utilize a large commonsense knowledge base from the contributions of many thousands of people across the Web. It has been active from 1999 to 2016. Since its founding, it has accumulated more than a ....


How to Change Your Mind - Wikipedia.

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence is a 2018 book by Michael Pollan.It became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller.. How to Change Your Mind chronicles the long and storied history of psychedelic drugs, from their turbulent 1960s heyday to the resulting ....


Dagger of the Mind - Wikipedia.

"Dagger of the Mind" is the ninth episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. Written by Shimon Wincelberg (under the pen name "S. Bar-David") and directed by Vincent McEveety, it first aired on November 3, 1966.. In the episode, the Enterprise visits a rehabilitation facility for the criminally insane where the chief doctor has ....


Group mind (science fiction) - Wikipedia.

A group mind, group ego, mind coalescence, or gestalt intelligence in science fiction is a plot device in which multiple minds, or consciousnesses, are linked into a single, collective consciousness or intelligence. The first alien hive society was depicted in H. G. Wells's The First Men in the Moon (1901) while the use of human hive minds in literature goes back at least as ....


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Books. Cabin Fever, a 1918 novel by B. M. Bower; Cabin Fever, a 1990 novel by Elizabeth Jolley; Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, a graphic novel by Jeff Kinney; Film and TV. Cabin Fever, a 2000 Norwegian film by Mona J. Hoel; Cabin Fever, a 2002 horror film by Eli Roth . Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, the sequel to the 2002 horror film; Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, ....


The Future of the Mind - Wikipedia.

The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind is a popular science book by the futurist and physicist Michio Kaku. The book was initially published on February 25, 2014 by Doubleday. In 2015 the book was translated into Hebrew. Overview. The book discusses various possibilities of advanced technology ....


You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind - Wikipedia.

You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind is a live solo album by the American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joe Walsh.The album was released in early 1976 as Walsh's last album for ABC Records. It was recorded live just before Walsh joined the Eagles.Three members of that group appear on the song "Help Me Through the Night"..


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"Murder on My Mind" (censored as "Mischief on My Mind") is the lead single by American rapper YNW Melly from his debut mixtape I Am You. The song was originally uploaded onto SoundCloud on March 4, 2017, and later released as a single by 300 Entertainment on June 1, 2018. "Murder on My Mind" is considered YNW Melly's breakout hit, and garnered even further attention after ....


Left-brain interpreter - Wikipedia.

The left-brain interpreter is a neuropsychological concept developed by the psychologist Michael S. Gazzaniga and the neuroscientist Joseph E. LeDoux. It refers to the construction of explanations by the left brain hemisphere in order to make sense of the world by reconciling new information with what was known before. The left-brain interpreter attempts to rationalize, ....


Top-of-mind awareness - Wikipedia.

Top-of-mind awareness: uses and applications. Top-of-mind awareness is a special form of brand awareness. Top-of-mind awareness is generally measured by asking consumers open-ended questions about the brand that first comes to mind in a particular category, like a fast-food restaurant (McDonald's)..


I'm in Your Mind Fuzz - Wikipedia.

I'm In Your Mind Fuzz is the fifth studio album by Australian psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.It was released on 31 October 2014 on Flightless Records in Australia, just over a week later on 11 November in the United States on Castle Face Records, and on 1 December that same year on Heavenly Records worldwide. At the J Awards of 2014, the ....


Ghost in the machine - Wikipedia.

Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976) was a philosopher who lectured at Oxford and made important contributions to the philosophy of mind and to "ordinary language philosophy."His most important writings include Philosophical Arguments (1945), The Concept of Mind (1949), Dilemmas (1954), Plato's Progress (1966), and On Thinking (1979).. Ryle's Concept of Mind (1949) critiques the ....


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This list of countries by electric energy consumption is mostly based on the Energy Information Administration. Several non-sovereign entities are also included for information purposes, with their parent state noted. The per capita data for many countries may be slightly inaccurate as population data may not be for the same year as the consumption data..