Mom's Date Pudding Cake - Review by rosichops

moms date pudding cake review by rosichops

Mom's Date Pudding Cake - Review by rosichops

Reviews: Mom's Date Pudding Cake. rosichops. 1k. 55. 14. May 24, 2008. We LOVE this. I scale it down and cook it in several ramekins.

We LOVE this. I scale it down and cook it in several ramekins. I omit the sugar from the batter, and just add tiny amount of butter (1/4 tsp maybe?) to the syrup and just nuke it rather than the stove top. I make sure there is plenty of syrup and completely cover the pudding. Serve it with custard and all you will hear is "mmmmmm". This is also nice with some candied ginger added,or finely diced apple and different nuts. I think the pecans are the nicest though. Some of the reviewers comment that it is a christmas/special event treat. We eat this a couple of nights a week in winter, it is wicked. Thank you so much for submitting this recipe, it is so much more healthier than most other sticky date puddings.
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